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When work experience pays off

March 21 2018

We are delighted that we have been able to offer some paid work to 2 of our most recent volunteers. And we are double delighted that they have said yes.

As a social enterprise our ethos is to give something back to the local community and we do this by offering meaningful work experience opportunities to the long term unemployed. We see over and over again how valuable they are as they give individuals the confidence they thought they didn't have to get a job. It also gives them new skills and a routine back into working life that we often take for granted. Whilst we would love to be able to offer jobs to everyone who showed great promise and commitment, reality is that we can't but when the unexpected is thrown at us, we do have an opportunity to cherry pick new recruits.

Paul and Aaron

Paul Roberts and Aaron Panther joined us back in summer 2017 for 8 weeks which they extended as they didn't want to leave and ended up staying with us until we finished for Christmas 2018.  One of our full time staff members was unfortunately signed off long term sick and left a huge hole in staffing the warehouse so we turned to our volunteer database to help fill that gap. Rather than just ask one person we decided to create a job share for Paul and Aaron so that they both had the opportunity to work and it is working out very well.

Whilst we hope that Kawa makes a speedy recovery, we thank Aaron and Paul for being so flexible. We feel very fortunate that we are in a position where we can turn to our past volunteers and offer them work. We don't have to use a recruitment agency and get someone in that doesn't know the company. These guys could come in and hit the ground running which saves the company time and resources in training.  It's a win win situation as these guys will get a good reference and something to put on their CV and we get good quality workmanship  from enthusiastic guys.

We would recommend to any business that offering work experience opportunities through local job centres is a great way to staff up for busy periods without the risk of redundancy further down the line. For any advice on setting something up similar, please call Nicky on 0113 242 4421