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We've got two new team additions to shout about

November 23 2015

We are pleased to announce that we have two new additions to the team. Back in September,  we placed a recruitment advert for an IT Technician and because the role is so specific we didn't have the usual barage of irrelevant job applications which made a refreshing change as I am always baffled why we get people who once worked in a coffee shop interested in a warehouse role but I guess its just a pre-requisite for getting your benefits now that you have to be seen to be applying for jobs nowadays. Anyway, I digress!

Pleasingly, we had enough relevant CV's from applicants to sift through and after the initial screening and first interviews we were in that interesting dilemma where we couldn't decide between two very strong candidates and then actually after some number crunching we were in the position where we were able to offer the post to both which is really exciting for Ucan as we hadn't before recruited a specialist "team" before.

So, 5 weeks ago today the double act that is Colin Bagshaw and Steven Smith joined Ucan Recycling with a vision to turn the space that was informally known as the "backroom" into the highly efficient Techno Lab. It is early days but a massive difference has been made to the speed in which we are able to process hard drives for data destruction. They have also been looking into improving our electronic booking in procedures which means that we are abe to process incoming equipment a lot quicker and provide weights and paperwork to our suppliers and customers much faster.

By Q2 next year, we hope that we can take on another apprentice in this area which will prove that we have not only improved productivity but this has resulted in an increase in sales to justify the recruitment of another body, which is very exciting in a small company operating in very difficult market conditions where world wide slumps in prices have forced many competitors to reduce numbers or close down over the last few months.

Yes, we have had to cut our own cloth accordingly and concentrated efforts away from scrap for a while but the future for IT collections from universities, colleges and other educational establishments looks very rosy. We have the capability to deal with larger IT refreshes and can work with all organisations to assist in the smooth transition and disposal.

For more information about Ucan Recycling, call us on 0113 242 4421 today.