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Kind words indeed......

January 11 2016

We received an email from a satisfied customer last week about Francis Clegg. He is Ucan's driver and collects IT from companies all over the country. As an employer it is always great to receive positive feedback about staff and makes us feel proud of what we do and the people we employ.

"Please offer the University’s thanks to Frankie for his excellent work and can-do attitude. I’ve just been to our disposal room and not only is it a lot clearer but he’s also left us with plenty of empty crates and a very tidy room.

 Frankie has become a trusted face on campus, a friend of the university and requires little to no instruction nor intervention in getting an often difficult job done.

 His friendly demeanour, professionalism and diligence to detail is a credit to your company.

 Many thanks"

Francis Clegg

Our very own Francis Clegg