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Are you recycling your IT the right way?

January 19 2016

As per the research data from UN Environmental Program, around 49 million metric tonnes of waste is generated from electronics, particularly computers, every year around the world. Put that into pictures and that is over 7 million double decker buses disposed of every year!

Computers are mandatory for everybody today, with people not only have laptops but owning tablets and SMART phones as well. The way in which the big giants upgrade their products and market them in a way which has led to a society that “has to have the latest model” which amounts to such a surging amount of waste and its improper disposal. This humungous amount of electronic waste poses a menacing blow to the environment and in turn to all the living species. This endangering situation demands an urgent need for correct IT disposal and compliant computer recycling.


Over 112 million Tonnes of significant materials were discovered from old computer recycling in simply a year. Yes, it’s to note here that your old PC still has got a huge amount of reusable materials such as glass, steel, plastic & precious metals. Here at Ucan Recycling, our policy is to aim for 100% reuse. You might not realise but the computer & related accessories like keyboard, CDs, speakers, floppy disks, ink cartridges cords etc. contain materials which could be reused easily. While reused, these materials could help to minimize the construction cost for the new systems. As you recycle there is lesser need to drain more resources for manufacturing new things which in turn signifies less pressure on energy which is required for manufacturing. There are companies that channelize old computers into fresh cathode-ray tube-glass through recycling endeavours.

Economic benefits

Though often ignored, yet recycling of old computers implies great economic benefits- by recycling your old PC you aren’t only creating a safe environment but are also assuring a favourable situation for your budget. Just imagine how much you would be able to save on the manufacturing & production procedure if you take to re-use of the old computers! Dealing with the electronics is pretty expensive and hence a recycling act would work to reduce a huge sum on your expenditures.


This is another noble benefit of recycling your old computer. It might be that your old computer is not useful for you anymore as you are looking for an upgraded version. But then again there may be somebody who is looking for a computer that can serve his basic computing needs. A great lot NGOs (Non-Government Organisations) today request the computer owners to pass on the old computers for charity so that these could be utilised by the disadvantaged people. Thus, through recycling you are not only contributing towards environmental safety but also doing your bit towards the society.

Prevention of resource abuse

It’s to inform here that WEEE waste is usually sent to the 3rd world nations where the manufacturers get inexpensive labour. It results to the exposure of the poor workers to the harmful toxins released by the electronic waste which invariable results in endangering health situations for them. With proper recycling of old computers you will be able to protect these poor workers from the menacing WEEE waste born chemicals.

So when you do not need your obsolete PC any more you should not just march up to the tip and get rid mindlessly. It must be stressed here that the companies which don’t abide by UK and EU regulations on safe computer disposal are penalized heavily and they end up paying huge sum of money as fines & clean-up costs.

What to do next?

 U Can Recycling CiC offer cradle to grave solutions for all you Data Destruction and Asset Management needs. We are fully compliant and you can check out our up-to-date licenses here at

This will allow peace of mind that all tasks have been carried out in compliance with UK and EU legislation.

To ensure your compliant with your WEEE waste, call us on 0113 242 4421.