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When it comes to disposing your IT equipment it is important to choose a company that has all the current licences issued by the Environment Agency. Here at Ucan Recycling, you can be rest assured that we hold all the relevant licenses and are accredited as an Authorised Approved Treatment Facility (AATF Yorkshire). We have regular inspections to ensure we are operating best practice IT recycling and disposal.

Beware of bogus companies who appear legitimate but do not have the authority to be operating in our field. Always make sure you are dealing with a legitimate and honest company with all the proper licenses. Reassuringly, at Ucan Recycling we hold the following licences:

AATF (Approved Authority Treatment Facility)

T11 repair and refurbishment of WEEE

S2 – storage of waste in a secure place

Waste carrier licence 2017

T4: Preparatory treatments, baling etc

EA Exporter Licence 2017/18

Public and Employee Liability Certificate

Please click on any of the above to view the relevant licence.

When you book a collection with Ucan Recycling we aim to deliver our service under the guidelines of the following Service Level Agreement:

  • To offer free collections for a minimum of 20 Grade A scrap items
  • To provide collections within 3 days of request (Monday – Friday) if urgent
  • To provide 2 x trained and uniformed operatives on each collection
  • To have all paperwork completed and digitally returned within a maximum of 5 working days
  • To guarantee to remove all IT electrical waste regardless of condition
  • To take legal ownership and liability for all equipment upon signing the Collection Sheet
  • To remove all distinguishing marks from the equipment which link it to the donor organisation and make sure the identity of the donor organisation is kept confidential unless otherwise requested
  • To complete all Consignment notes in accordance with Hazardous Waste regulations 2005
  • To provide an audit report of the equipment removed to the donor organisation, including quantity, type, weight and percent of equipment reused and recycled
  • To provide upon request Duty of Care audit results of all companies who partner us in recycling or reusing donor organisations equipment.
  • To manage sustainably any equipment that cannot be refurbished, including the reuse or recycling of computer components and the responsible disposal to best environmental standards or disposal in accordance with relevant waste regulations
  • To only use properly licensed software on refurbished equipment
  • To redistribute refurbished computers primarily to Community groups, Charities, Voluntary groups and Low income families
  • Provide valuable opportunities for disadvantaged groups/individuals for training, work experience and personal development


  • Computer Bases
  • Circuit Boards
  • Hard Drives
  • Power Supply's
  • CRT Monitors
  • LCD/Flat Monitors
  • Laptops
  • Floppy Drives
  • Cable
  • Servers
  • Printers
  • Fax Machines
  • Projectors
  • Mobile Phones
  • Set Top Boxes
  • Phone Systems