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IT Scrap

We specialise in IT recycling and trading all grades of bulk WEEE waste.   We look to buy and sell motherboards, hard drives, circuit boards, servers and all kinds of IT related office equipment. Top market prices paid.

mother boards, circuit board recycling

We offer:

  • Top prices
  • Nationwide collections
  • Fast payment terms
  • Reliable and trustworthy service

Call our team on 0113 242 4421 for prices today.

We are interested in any bulk quantities of:

  • All grades of IT, computer scrap (WEEE) & electronic waste
  • All grades of aluminium scrap metals including alloy wheels, aluminium windows, thermal break, New production offcuts, old rolled etc
  • Scrap aluminium cans 
  • Catalytic converters
  • Batteries; Car Batteries, Household Batteries
  • Lithographic printing plates baled or sheets
  • HE9 and HE30 Section                                        

Our sister company Seal Metal Recycling has a site in Clitheroe that you can drop your metal and redundant IT, please call ahead on 01200 422244 before you arrive to ensure we can deal with your enquiry.


Fundraising via can collections

Our Cash4cans pledge is to promise more cash for your aluminium cans, we will buy all grades of can scrap by the tonne and pay the best rates around. As we only deal with bulk scrap, contact us and we can help you set up a scheme to collect more so that you can raise money for your school, community group or business.

St Matthews 4 

Why Recycle Aluminium Cans?

Aluminium is widely used in packaging because it is practical and clean and its eco-credentials are high as it is 100% recyclable. However, incredibly in the UK, only 42% is currently recycled so it is our mission to recycle more.

‘Canny’ Facts:

  • You can recycle aluminium cans over and over again without losing its quality
  • Every minute of every day, an average of 113,200 aluminium cans are recycled
  • On average, a can thrown in the recycling bin today will be back on the shelf as a new can in just 6 weeks
  • One tin can could be recycled and remade approx. 8 times per year
  • Recycling one tonne of aluminium saves about enough energy to run a TV for one hour
  • 20 cans can be made with the energy needed to produce one can using raw materials
  • If all aluminium cans were recycled there would be 14 million fewer dustbins emptied into the country’s landfills

Your school or group could be part of the initiative to increase the amount of recycling in this country call us today on 0113 242 4421


  • Computer Bases
  • Circuit Boards
  • Hard Drives
  • Power Supply's
  • CRT Monitors
  • LCD/Flat Monitors
  • Laptops
  • Cable
  • Servers
  • Printers
  • Projectors
  • Mobile Phones
  • Set Top Boxes
  • Phone Systems
  • Etc