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Don't dice with your data!

Trust Ucan Recycling for secure data destruction

At Ucan Recycling, we take your data very seriously and can recommend the best solution for your business. All hard drives are either:

  • Shredded - a foolproof way to protect your data
  • Data-Erased - using leading and trusted, industry software 
  • Degaussed - belt and braces magnetised destruction


Data Bearing Devices

Because all companies have different security policies, we offer either an on-site or a back at base shredding service. For those companies where their policy is to keep all hard drives on-site until destroyed, we can bring our hard drive shredder to you and carry out the destruction supervised by your staff. Offsite hard drive shredding is where any hard drives brought back to Ucan Recycling will be securely stored, then shredded, a certificate of destruction is provided when requested for your files. We will also issue a Waste Transfer Note which is signed by both the transferor and the transferee. Call 0113 242 4421 for a hard drive shredding quotation today.

As we are in the business of IT recycling, the plastic and the metals that are inside the hard drives themselves is recyclable so we have waste streams for these so, therefore, eliminating excess WEEE for landfill.

Paper Shredding

We offer a professional and secure confidential-paper shredding service which can be used in conjunction with our IT disposal service or a stand-alone service.

paper shredding

Whether it is a regular collection or a one-off clear out, we can offer a fast and cost-effective shredding service. All waste paper is kept locked for transportation and unloaded under secure conditions back at base before shredding using state of the art machines. Whatever your needs, please call 0113 242 4421 for a quote.


Or otherwise known as data wiping. Using the best software packages available: White Canyon and Parted Magic we can securely delete all files from data bearing devices. This is a quick and effective method of removing data from drives and the beauty of wiping means that the drives can also be reused. We always carry out data wiping as standard when a client doesn't stipulate another method and we offer this service free of charge. For any devices that fail during wiping, they will be degaussed to ensure total data security. 


With a powerful magnetic field that can completely erase data in less than a second, our degausser guarantees a secure data destruction process, carried out to military standards. Recommended by the Department of Defence and GCHQ (British Government) this fully automatic machine not only removes the hassle of manually deleting the information, but it also provides total confidence that the data can never be recovered using approved Verity Systems Datagone Machine (as shown in the video below). For a quote for degaussing your hard drives, please call 0113 242 4421

This video demonstrates the simplicity of this powerful process, which has also been adopted by banks, IT departments and the Government:

Hard drive destruction – shredding, is the only secure and permanent way to destroy decommissioned hard disks. Besides giving businesses the peace of mind, destroying hard drives with Ucan Recycling is also:

  • Cost-effective: we offer competitive prices for hard drive destruction and hard drive disposal services. We can sometimes offset the cost of destruction against the value of the equipment collected which could mean the service is cost neutral. 
  • Convenient: We can undertake your hard drive data destruction on-site or off-site depending on your requirements. We also don't mind if you fancy witnessing the destruction for yourself, so please come along.
  • Compliant: Our hard drive destruction services ensure that your data destruction and data disposal is compliant with data privacy legislation. We issue a Certificate of Destruction detailing the time and date of every hard drive destruction to provide you with an audit trail.
  • Environmentally Responsible: As well as being a secure means of data destruction and data disposal Ucan’s hard drive destruction service also offers one of the most environmentally friendly hard drive disposal processes available.

Secure and responsible – that’s Ucan Recycling

By using Ucan Recycling to manage the removal and processing of your redundant IT equipment, you can enjoy the peace of mind knowing that your organisation fully meets its legal and environmental responsibilities. We are fully regulated and monitored by the Environment Agency and follow best practice industry standards. 

Our process

Ucan Recycling is licensed to collect/repair any redundant IT equipment (WEEE). A typical collection arranged with us goes like this:

  • Equipment is collected and carried safely in our vehicles to our industrial warehouse located in Wyke, Bradford.
  • Once here at Ucan, the collected equipment is bar-coded and allocated a reference number for asset tracking.
  • Equipment is then visually inspected and categorized for either disposal or refurbishment/reuse.
  • A Certificate of Destruction/Disposal (C.O.D.) is issued for each item to give you peace of mind that all data is either erased or destroyed.
  • We remove all company references and security markings from equipment. If security markings cannot be removed, equipment will automatically be forwarded for breakdown and disposal.
  • Equipment allocated for re-marketing is then subjected to a functionality test and graded depending on condition. Asset reports of the equipment are offered for your perusal as a hard copy or as an electronic file.

To speak to a member of our specialist IT recycling team about the decommissioning of your scrap computers please call 0113 242 4421 or email or fill in the contact us form.

What our customers say.......

“We didn’t trust anyone to proficiently dispose of our archive of accrued PCs – until we met Ucan. I watched all of our hard drives being wiped and the data completely destroyed via an impressive on-site shredding process. The shredded drives can then be sent for recycling, so we’re still being environmentally conscious, but we have complete peace of mind regarding compliance too. It was interesting and reassuring to watch the process unfold in front of my eyes. I was very impressed with the team.”

Paul Kaye, director, Pudsey Legal